Health Assessment Decision Support Tool

The HADST is a web-based tool developed by the research team at the Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development (CQGRD) at the Georgia Institute of Technology that allows policy makers and planners to visualize the impact of freight movement on communities located along the freight corridors. The tool draws on multiple data sources (health, transportation, wind, vehicle emissions, and demographic data).

It allows the user to visualize ten different parameters (for the base case) and a composite index score formed by combining these factors. It also allows the user to customize the importance of these ten factors to create a composite index score based on the desired weighting scheme designated by the user. Performance scores (composite index scores) can also be computed based on existing data within the tool, and planning priorities (reductions in specific pollutants, avoiding impacts on vulnerable groups, etc.) set forth by the user for base and future years to inform decision making.

Visualise 10 parameters and assign weights to them

Set timeline and create scenario for the future

Visualise different scenarios and compare them with the base case. In addition you can download the data as well.